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This was a three box makeup kit concept for the movie "Divergent" with our client HCT. The retail outlet for the product was Sephora.

This box is a limited edition multi-piece collector’s make-up kit. This Collector’s Kit contains three eye shadow paper palettes and one cheek palette.  The eye shadow paper palettes are constructed to connect four panes palette with one single pane palette by a plastic clip. The purpose of this construction is to allow consumers to mix and match eye shadow colors and create a unique look every time by breaking apart the palette and swapping with another. It was very important to our client to achieve this function using paperboard palette instead of plastic or metal palette case for environmental purposes. The carton exterior is printed with Ferris wheel graphic adding holographic foil stamping and embossing the intricate parts of the wheel. This Ferris wheel graphic is also replicated on the box interior subtly using spot UV. Another unique design of this box is the slanted box lid closure with a silver foil “Divergent” logo. It was created to match the design of the title of the book “Divergent” which the movie was based on. One of the supplemental pieces is a setup box with hinged lid and magnetic closure. The other piece of the kit contains six limited edition nail polish colors.


The kit box was a great fit for our client and their product as it contains a variety of high-quality, travel-friendly products in one carton. More importantly, the combination of each product inside the box kit can create various unique looks for all types of consumers. We’ve provided our client with solutions and technical expertise in timely fashion to achieve the look, colors, and the concept of the artist with this gorgeous multi-functional product.

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