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Rewordable is a word-crafting card game, for ages 8 and up, where players use letters and word fragments to build their own words and add to other players’ words to steal their points.  Initially launched on KickStarter,  Rewordable found a home at Clarkson Potter / Penguin Random House, where the packaging design began.  Comprised of two decks of cards, one deck of “rewards” tokens, and an instructions booklet, the components are held in a molded plastic tray within a two-piece box. After several rounds of dummies, testing out different card stocks, tray options, and box constructions, the Clarkson Potter production team decided to apply a texture to the cards, using Leo’s paper graining process.  They also selected a matte finish for all components, from the molded tray, to the cards and booklet, to the outer box wrap
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